Build, test, deploy containers with the best mega-course on Docker, Kubernetes, Compose, Swarm and Registry using DevOps.

The Original and best way to learn containers. Starts with “Why Docker” and takes you through Docker images, containers, Docker Compose, Docker Swarm basics, Docker Registry, and Kubernetes basics. More than 19 hours of content and growing!

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What you’ll learn:
– How to use Docker, Compose and Kubernetes on your machine for better software building and testing.
– Learn Docker and Kubernetes official tools from an award-winning Docker Captain!
– Learn faster with included live chat group (21,000 members!) and weekly live Q&A.
– Gain the skills to build development environments with your code running in containers.
– Build Swarm and Kubernetes clusters for server deployments!
– Hand’s-on with best practices for making Dockerfiles and Compose files like a Pro!
– Build and publish your own custom images.
– Create your own custom image registry to store your apps and deploy in corporate environments.

– No paid software required - Just install your favorite text editor and browser!
– Local admin access to install Docker for Mac/Windows/Linux.
– Understand terminal or command prompt basics.
– Linux basics like shells, SSH, and package managers. (tips included to help newcomers!)
– Know the basics of creating a server in the cloud (on any provider). (tips included to help newcomers!)
– Understand the basics of web and database servers. (how they typically communicate, IP’s, ports, etc.)
– Have a GitHub and Docker Hub account.

🐳 🎉 🍾 Get the course now with Bret’s best coupon and a 30-day money-back guarantee! (coupon is in the link)

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